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Central Québec School Board (CQSB)

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The Central Québec School Board, with its 18 schools and adult education and vocational training centres, offers English-language education in the Greater Québec, Mauricie, Saguenay, Thetford Mines and Northern Québec regions. Recognized provincially as an innovative leader in the implementation of educational programs, the school board features a diverse and inclusive workplace that inspires creativity and attracts and retains the best talent.

The territory covered is vast, but the school board is small, which fosters a warm and welcoming sense of community to all.

The CQSB boasts outstanding graduation and qualification rates. The CQSB has ranked amongst the top-performing school boards and French service centres in the province of Québec, highlighting that high academic achievement continues to be deeply embedded in all that we do. The success of our students can only be achieved through the unwavering dedication of the CQSB team of teachers, professionals, principals, support staff, board administrators, and Council of Commissioners. 

A small school board, a large territory, and above all, one big family!


  • The CQSB office is located in historic Québec City.
  • The CQSB provides high-quality English-language education to four secondary schools, eight elementary schools, six schools that offer instruction from kindergarten to Secondary V (Grade 11) and two adult and vocational training centres.
  • The student population ranges from approximately 75 to 650 students.
  • Our vision, “Learning for All,“ has been and will continue to be the motivation behind all the CQSB’s decisions. The success of each and every student is what the CQSB strives to ensure through the many actions taken during any particular year.
  • The CQSB provides a welcoming environment in each of its educational facilities. Inclusion, diversity, and equity are implicitly integrated in the school board’s culture.
  • The school board is committed towards educating students to become bilingual and biliterate.
  • The CQSB offers a unique and enriching opportunity to work in an Indigenous school. Located in a remote region in Northern Québec, 15 kilometres from Schefferville, Jimmy Sandy Memorial School provides instruction to the Naskapi Nation of Kawawachikamach.


The mission of the CQSB is to support vibrant learning communities in its schools and centres that empower all students to receive the best possible education, to foster their social development and to prepare them to achieve their full potential and become contributing members of our ever-changing society.


At the CQSB, we believe that:

  • Learning is a lifelong process.
  • There is richness in diversity.
  • All individuals have potential to improve and have the right to develop their potential in a safe, caring, and inclusive environment.
  • Students must always be placed as the priority.


  • Openness
  • Leadership
  • Cooperation in a caring and learning environment


Learning for All



The CQSB is more than just brick and mortar structures. It is a community of learners bound by a common heritage of the English language. A strong sense of community, and the desire to preserve and strengthen it is deeply rooted in the CQSB’s culture. In order to build that sense of community, the CQSB offers opportunities for students to connect with each other and learn from one another beyond the walls of a classroom and their own school community. Performing Arts Festival, Cross-country Run, Elementary Track and Field and Fall Fest are just some of the events held each year to build that sense of community and belonging.

Teacher Induction

The CQSB takes great pride in their Teacher Induction Program. A variety of information is provided, and a range of topics are covered in an engaging, hands-on format to ensure new teachers have the knowledge and resources needed to begin the school year. Newly hired teachers will have the opportunity to begin their induction by attending a four-day induction session. Throughout the school year, the school board consultants continue to provide ongoing support to teachers.

Culture of Professional Development

The school board provides cutting edge professional development to empower administrators, teachers, professionals, and support staff in becoming effective leaders, educators, and engaged members of our team, all contributing to ensure students achieve success. Educational Services (Instructional and Complementary) has a team of nine competent pedagogical consultants. Throughout the year, they provide a wide range of support either in the form of workshops or by going into schools to work directly with school teams and individuals.

Well-Being Initiatives

The well-being of employees is essential for the CQSB. To adequately support employees in reaching and maintaining a balance in all aspects of their lives, the school board provides various physical and mental health activities such as webinars, capsules, virtual exercising platforms, a program to guide a person in managing the unmanageable, summer schedule, telework options, flexible work schedule, and so much more.

Inclusive Learning

The CQSB has a philosophy of inclusive learning. Resources are allocated to ensure that all our students are integrated and meet with success. These resources include professional development for in-school staff enabling them to be able to work with the diverse range of learners’ abilities.

Continuing Education

The Eastern Québec Learning Centre, which is part of the CQSB, has been providing adult education services in English for close to 30 years. The Learning Centre’s reputation as a small centre with a dynamic, caring approach has contributed to student success in general education, vocational training, and language courses. As part of the CQSB’s team, staff members can partake in continuing education offered by the Centre.

The CQSB provides education in various remote communities across Québec. Here are a few advantages of working and living in these communities: 

  • Work-life balance 
  • Affordable housing 
  • A less expensive cost of living
  • A stronger sense of local community
  • A more relaxed pace of life 
  • Better career opportunities 
  • Smaller class sizes 
  • Shorter commute times 


Greater Québec City Area

A UNESCO World Heritage treasure, Québec City, is the only fortified city in North America. In addition to historic neighborhoods, Québec features contemporary exhibitions, theatre, a famous summer festival and a world-renowned winter carnival.

The illuminated streets of old Québec and the Quartier du Petit Champlain are an invitation to travel back in time to the founding of Québec over 400 years ago.


Mauricie Region

Trois-Rivières is located between Montréal and Québec. It is a city with almost 400 years of history in which you will experience its cultural richness, economic dynamism, and low cost of living.

Shawinigan is located 20 minutes north of Trois-Rivières. It is the perfect balance between nature and urban life. When snow settles, this city becomes a natural playground sought by lovers of winter and nature.

Located in the northern part of the Mauricie region, the town of La Tuque is known as the Queen of Haute-Mauricie. This city centre is surrounded by mountains and vast forests favoring recreational and sporting activities.




Saguenay Region

The 100 km Saguenay River runs from the north of Chicoutimi to Tadoussac and feeds into the St. Lawrence River. Formed during the last Ice Age, you will find many hidden treasures in the Fjord du Saguenay. The region offers many outdoor activities, including but not limited to, hiking, biking, rafting, snowmobiling, dogsledding, ice fishing, and skiing.


Thetford Mines (Chaudière-Appalaches Region)

Located 50 km west of Québec City, at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Thetford Mines is a major regional centre in the Chaudière-Appalaches region.

Surrounded by beautiful and bountiful nature, citizens enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities including hiking, hang gliding, diving, as well as a high-quality paved bike path. Events and festivals add to the active lives of local families. Enjoy an unmatched quality of life that makes financial sense.


Northern Québec (Chibougamau)

Chibougamau is a drive-in community located on Lake Gilman in Northern Québec. With a population close to 8,000, it is the largest city in the region. Chibougamau equally provides services to a few smaller Cree communities surrounding the town (Mistissini, Oujé-Bougoumou and Chapais). The town offers a wide scope of outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, riding ATV and snowmobiles to mention a few.

Team members at MacLean Memorial School are entitled to an annual Nordic allowance and relocation expenses could be covered by the school board*.

*Certain conditions may apply and are subject to change.


Northern Québec (Kawawachikamach)

Kawawa, as it is locally called, is the home of the Naskapis. It is a dynamic community of approximately 1,000 people. There is a grocery store, municipal pool, gym equipment, an area with a restaurant, a cultural centre, a greenhouse, a local radio station, a health care centre, and so much more to discover. Depending on the season, outdoor activities in particular are always popular with Jimmy Sandy Memorial staff. The options are limitless, from snowshoeing, hiking, fishing, berry picking, snowmobiling, and so much more.

Team members at Jimmy Sandy Memorial School are eligible to a Nordic allowance, subsidized fully-furnished housing, an annual sum for outings, and relocation expenses could be covered by the school board*.

*Certain conditions may apply and are subject to change.


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