Eastern Shores School Board

Eastern Shores School Board (ESSB)

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  • The Eastern Shores School Board is the most eastern English school board in Québec and one of the most geographically diverse school boards in Québec.
  • Stretching from Fermont in the north to the Magdalen Islands in the southeast, its administrative territory also includes the entire Gaspé Peninsula and Baie-Comeau, Sept-Îles, and Port-Cartier cities along the Eastern North Shore.

“Imagine working in a rural region with the opportunity to explore backcountry and beautiful rivers, with most places having an oceanfront view. To only have an average 15-minute drive into work, giving you more home time with your loved ones! The ESSB can offer you this and so much more!”


  • The ESSB provides educational services to 16 schools. Six are elementary, three are secondary, and the remaining seven are combined elementary-secondary schools.
  • The ESSB also has four adult education and vocational training centres offering a wide range of courses and opportunities.

Some of the ESSB’s regions/schools are entitled to the following:

  • Regional disparities for Fermont and Grosse Isle – $7,481 (no dependent) or $11,225 (with dependent) annual isolation and remoteness premium (in proportion to the workload)
  • Transportation expenses to get to Fermont or Grosse Isle (travel and food) for visitors
  • Outings for Fermont: three trips per year
  • Outings for Grosse Isle: one trip per year
  • Regional disparities for Flemming, Queen Elizabeth, and Riverview Schools: retention premium equivalent to 8% of salary

* Rates until 2022-03-31. Certain conditions may apply and are subject to change.


The Eastern Shores School Board is committed to being an effective learning community, promoting lifelong learning goals.


To promote and enhance the status of education in the territory, to organize educational services for the benefit of those who come under its jurisdiction, and to ensure the quality of those services, with due respect given to the principle of subsidiarity with a view to providing support to educational institutions as they fulfill their responsibilities.


  • Respect for the individual
  • Caring and safe environment in all schools and centres
  • Quality teaching and educational leadership to ensure that all students maximize their potential for success and become responsible and productive citizens


The ESSB offers unique opportunities to be part of an incredible culture, become part of a community, and be your best creative self.  With a current student enrolment of 1,027 students in the youth sector, the student-teacher ratio is 10:1.

One will have the opportunity to teach small classes with incredible support and collaboration and substantially impact the children of these communities.

If you are looking for more challenges in your teaching career, many of the current positions offer an opportunity to teach multiple subjects. 

For more information, visit Eastern Shores School Board


Winter Activities:
  • Go snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ice fishing, and snowmobiling (enjoy the Route Blanche Trail which stretches across 500 km of the Lower North Shore region).
  • Participate in nature cook ups (what the locals refer to as boil ups).
  • Visit community winter festivals and carnivals.
  • Observe and play outdoor ice hockey and skate on local ponds.
  • Observe the northern lights (aurora borealis) on a cold, clear winter’s night.
  • View the night sky’s stars and constellations.
Spring, Summer, and Fall Activities:
  • Enjoy boating, canoeing, kayaking, iceberg and whale watching, and salmon fishing.
  • Harvest cloudberries, lingonberries, and crowberries.
  • Hike trails such as Jacques Cartier Trails, Kegaska’s crushed seashell trails, St. Augustine’s Trout Point Trail, St. Paul’s River, Harrington Harbour Board Walk Trails, and trails with access to many small sandy beaches to relax and read.
  • Access islands that have history such as Providence Island which has oldest chapel on the Lower North Shore (1895), and Greenly Island, which as the remains of a 1878 lighthouse and a plaque dedicated to the historical landing of the Bremen (the airplane that made the first east to west transatlantic flight), as well as islands such as Dog Island that presents great hunting opportunities.
  • Access several scenic falls such as the Netagamiou Falls located near Chevery, and Brador Falls (the site of many local wedding and graduation photos throughout the past decades) near Brador Bay.
  • Visit museums such as the Whiteley Museum (named after William Henry Whiteley, inventor of the cod trap), the Middle Bay Interpretation Centre (contains artifacts and information of five cultures that settled on the Lower North Shore: Basque, English, French, Innu, and Inuit), and Musée Sheffer (contains some history of the mid-1900s and the church’s role in history of the Lower North Shore).
  • Observe many bird sanctuaries, such as the Gros-Mécatina Migratory Bird Sanctuary and Îles aux Perroquets (which is Québec’s oldest bird protection sanctuary – 1937).
  • Visit and tour local scallop farms, mussel farms, snow crab fishing plants and old stages and wharves that represents the foundation of the fishing industry on the Lower North Shore.
  • Learn the skill of building local fishing crafts such as motorboats, mending nets, building crab and lobster pots, and the skills of making Indigenous crafts such as snowshoes and sealskin slippers.
Bordering Newfoundland Activities:
  • Visit the Point Amour Lighthouse (1857), the tallest lighthouse in Atlantic Canada and second tallest in Canada.
  • Visit the Red Bay UNESCO World Heritage Site which links the Basque whaling history in that region to the Basque whaling history on the Lower North regions such as in the archeological site near Middle Bay.
  • Walk the Tracey Hill Walking Trail that consists of 689 steps uphill with a tremendous view overlooking the Red Bay UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Access the Trans-Labrador Highway.

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