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General Maintenance Foreman – Special Project – Buildings Department

Position Description


General Maintenance Foreman – Special Project – Buildings Department

Nature of the work

The position of general maintenance foreman entails the performance of management duties pertaining to the technical, administrative and manual activities required for the operation of one or more property and equipment maintenance programs of the school board.

The position includes, in particular, the performance of management duties pertaining to the activities required for the upkeep and preventive and corrective maintenance of the facilities of the school board by a team of nonspecialized workmen and caretakers.

The position consists in providing, within the incumbent’s field of competence, advice to the

administrators of the school board so as to promote the optimal management of maintenance


Responsibilities include:

Contribute, upon request, to the consultative process for developing the objectives and strategies of the school board dealing with material resources, particularly in his or her sector of activity and, where applicable, collaborate with other staff members in determining the annual action plan.

Participate, upon request, in preparing and updating policies, systems, standards and procedures related to his or her sector of activity and ensure that they are applied.

Participate in analyzing the upkeep and preventive and corrective maintenance needs of the material and physical facilities and immovables of the school board.

Participate in determining the maintenance work priorities and in evaluating the costs.

Determine the maintenance work schedules, assign the necessary staff and ensure the availability of the materials and equipment required.

Supervise and control the execution of maintenance work.

Verify, upon request, the work carried out by outside businesses.

Ensure compliance with health and safety standards.

Ensure that the requirements as regards materials and equipment are met and keep up-to-date inventories for his or her sector.

Inspect periodically the equipment and materials used.

Prepare and circulate, upon request, reports, documents and statistics related to his or her sector of activity.

Collaborate, upon request, in creating material resources management tools adapted to the needs of the institutions and other administrative units.

Supervise and oversee the implementation of the systems and procedures approved for carrying out the activities of a given sector.

Schedule operations.

Supervise and evaluate the employees1 under the incumbent’s authority.

Support, as required, the administrators of the school board by providing them with pertinent information.

Assist, if necessary, the administrators of the institutions and administrative units of the school board.

Management of human, financial, material and information resources of his or her administrative unit or sector of activity

Participate upon request, in selecting staff

Determine the work schedules

Manage and evaluate the staff under his or her responsibility

Report the training needs of the staff under his or her responsibility

Administer, where applicable the operating budget assigned

Ensure the availability, functioning and proper use of equipment and materials.

Maintain effective communications with other sectors, administrative units and institutions.

Ensure, in his or her sector of activity, that the administrative practices in effect at the school boards are applied.

Represent, upon request, the administrative unit in matters related to his or her sector of activity.

Assume any other responsibility compatible with his or her function that may be assigned to him or her by the immediate superior.

Minimum Required Qualifications:

Valid certificate of qualification for the practice of a trade relevant to the position

Five years of relevant experience

Working Conditions:

Working conditions and salary determined by R.R.C.E.M. (Regulation Respecting Condition of Employment of Management Staff).

Salary Range: $47 878 – $63 836

Start date: April 14, 2022 End Date: April 13, 2023

Application must include:

Resume (including detailed work history and education background)

A cover letter

Professional references


by 4:00 p.m., April 5, 2022

Only those candidates chosen for interviews will be contacted.

The Western Quebec School Board is committed to building an educational community with the common purpose to realize the potential of all our students by cultivating a strong corps of support, professional, teaching and administrative excellence. We therefore encourage applications from Indigenous people, as well as from other racialized people groups, persons living with a disability, people of religious faith, and gender minorities.

As an organization, we strive to hire individuals who reflect the communities we serve, and who embody and practice a love of life-long learning, teamwork, and the highest professional ethics. Our efforts to achieve a diverse workforce that contributes to a culturally safe working environment include establishing proactive employment practices to address systemic barriers and removing obstacles to hiring and retaining qualified people.

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