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PRINCIPAL – Regular Part Time (50%)

Position Description


PRINCIPAL – Regular Part Time (50%)

Poltimore Elementary School

Nature of the Work

The Western Québec School Board (WQSB) is seeking an experienced and dedicated educational leader to be the Principal of Poltimore Elementary School. The successful candidate will foster collaboration and effective communication between staff, students and parents/guardians (hereafter “parents”), ensuring that each student receives a high-quality education in a safe, fair and compassionate environment. The candidate will support, develop and maintain the vision and values of Poltimore Elementary School through implementation of the School Success Plan and will have demonstrable proficiency in the administrative and pedagogical management of all the programs and resources of a school or related management skills. This results-oriented professional will be committed to lead and implement change management initiatives with a consultative approach in view of the educational legislation, policies, and emerging issues affecting the school community.

Characteristic Functions

1. Instructional and educational matters

Evaluate the needs of the school and define the specific objectives of the school, taking into account legal provisions as well as the objectives, policies and by-laws of the school board and the governing board.

Oversee the development, implementation and evaluation of the educational project.

Oversee the development, implementation and ongoing update of the success plan and provide status reports.

Request, approve, refuse proposals, make decisions and inform the governing board, particularly as regards local programs of studies, new instructional methods, standards and procedures for the evaluation of student achievement, the selection of textbooks and instructional material required, and the rules governing the placement of students and their promotion from one cycle to the other at the elementary level.

Prepare, after consulting the staff concerned, proposals to be submitted to the governing board for approval on matters such as: the approach for the implementation of the Basic School Regulation, the enrichment or adaptation of the objectives and suggested content of the programs of studies, the time allocation for each compulsory or elective subject, student services and special educational services, the student supervision policy relating to the use of non-teaching and non-scheduled time for instructional or educational purposes, the organization of extracurricular activities, the development of approaches to foster the academic success of students, rules of conduct and safety measures applicable to students.

Design and implement informal conflict management processes including coaching, mediation, and group facilitation within an elementary school environment.

Develop, implement and evaluate, with the assistance of the student’s parents, the appropriate partners and the student himself or herself, individualized education plans for students with social maladjustments, physical or learning disabilities, including at-risk students in an atmosphere of inclusion and respect.

Propose procedures to the governing board for evaluating the school and its ongoing development and growth.

2. Management of human, financial, material and information resources

Determine, after consulting the school staff, the needs of the school in respect of each staff category and inform the school board.

Manage, supervise, encourage, and evaluate staff and trainees, determine their duties and responsibilities in accordance with the provisions of the applicable collective agreements or regulations of the Ministry and perform in particular the following duties:

– participate in the recruitment and selection of staff;

– oversee the management of the replacement of absent staff, vacant positions and substitution;

– oversee the recruitment, welcome, supervision and evaluation of volunteers;

– apply the rules and standards governing occupational health and safety.

Identify needs and organize professional development and training activities.

Prepare and submit the annual school budget to the governing board for adoption and to the school board for approval, administer the school budget and provide status reports to the governing board.

Propose methods to the governing board for the use of surplus funds, as well as the specific funds of the school, and see to their administration.

Identify additional financial needs and possibilities and lead efficient application and follow up on relevant grants, bearing in mind the school’s current socio-economic status and issues.

Manage the material resources and inventories of the school and, after consulting the governing board, inform the school board of the requirements of the school as regards goods and services, as well as any required equipment or repair of the premises or immovables and ensure the follow-up of the work.

Oversee the development, implementation, evaluation, and update of information resources.

Encourage concerted action between the parents, the students, the school staff and community organizations in fostering academic success and their participation in the life of the school.

Act as an intermediary between the school team, the governing board, external organizations, and the school board.

3. Community relations

Develop and implement a framework for action with community organizations.

Coordinate information and oversee promotion of the school.

Demonstrate commitment to the local community.

4. Management of day care and noon-hour services

Organize and administer day care services, on or off school premises, in keeping with the school’s educational mission and the terms and conditions agreed to between the school board and the governing board.

See to the organization and supervision of student activities and determine the rules of conduct and safety measures in keeping with the school’s educational project.

5. Management of the school board

Participate in defining and determining the vision, organizational values, strategies, objectives and priorities.

Participate in defining the policies and by-laws of the school board.

Exercise the functions and powers delegated by the council of commissioners.

Take part in the preparation of the staffing plan and the budget distribution.

Assume any other responsibility compatible with the position that may be assigned by his or her immediate superior.

Required Minimum Qualifications:

A bachelor’s degree in education or an undergraduate degree in a relevant field of study certifying a minimum three-year university program or hold a senior executive or senior staff position in a school board for which an undergraduate degree is required under the minimum qualifications or hold a position of Vice-Principal;

Five years of relevant management experience, preferably in an educational setting;

A permanent teaching licence issued by the Minister;

As of September 2001, commencement of a graduate university program in administration related to a senior staff position in a school; and,

English/French bilingualism is an asset.

Working Conditions:

Working conditions and salary determined by R.R.C.E.M. (Regulation Respecting Condition of Employment of Management Staff);

The probation period is two years.

Salary: $73,515.00 to $98,017.00

Start Date: June 30th, 2022

Application must include:

Resume (including detailed work history and education background).

A cover letter.

Professional references.


by, 4:00 p.m. May 23, 2022

Only those candidates chosen for interviews will be contacted.

The Western Quebec School Board is committed to building an educational community with the common purpose to realize the potential of all our students by cultivating a strong corps of support, professional, teaching and administrative excellence. We therefore encourage applications from Indigenous people, as well as from other racialized people groups, persons living with a disability, people of religious faith, and gender minorities.

As an organization, we strive to hire individuals who reflect the communities we serve, and who embody and practice a love of life-long learning, teamwork, and the highest professional ethics. Our efforts to achieve a diverse workforce that contributes to a culturally safe working environment include establishing proactive employment practices to address systemic barriers and removing obstacles to hiring and retaining qualified people.

We acknowledge that the lands upon which we live, learn, and work are the traditional unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishinaabe peoples. We thank them for sharing these lands and commit, as an organization, as educators and as individuals, to an ongoing relationship that recognizes and respects the lands, traditions, and culture of the Anishinaabe people.

The Western Quebec School Board is required to implement Quebec’s Law 21: An Act respecting the laicity of the State.

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