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Readaptation Officer

Position Description

The Eastern Shores School Board is seeking applications from interested candidates for the following position: READAPTATION OFFICER








35 hours per week

Hourly rate

From $26.66 to $45.70 per hour

Work schedule

Monday to Friday

Immediate supervisor

Coordinator of Complementary Services

Intended clientele

Evergreen, St. Pat’s, Belle Anse, SPDS

Start Date

August 15th , 2022

Date of Posting

June 8, 2022


June 21, 2022


The position of readaptation officer encompasses, in particular, responsibility for screening and providing assistance and guidance to students experiencing, or likely to experience, social maladjustments in order to restore and develop the student’s adaptive skills, foster optimal adaptation in interaction with his or her environment, develop his or her autonomy, as well as to provide advice and support to educators and parents.


The readaptation officer participates in implementing a psychoeducational service that meets the academic and administrative requirements of both the educational institutions and the school board.

They contribute to the screening and identification of students experiencing problems using an approach focussing on prevention and intervention; they plan and conduct interviews,

make observations, gather pertinent information from the school, external resources and parents, and analyze data in order to determine the nature of the problem.

They work with a multidisciplinary team, both at the school and school board levels, to develop a student’s individualized education plan; in particular, defining objectives and means, ensuring concerted and coordinated interventions, and assessing the achievement of objectives.

They work with teachers to develop and implement strategies and projects aimed at helping students who are experiencing, or who are likely to experience, social maladjustments.

They provide guidance and advice to support personnel and to parents of students with social maladjustments; and they recommend strategies for working with the students, to guide

them in adopting attitudes and approaches focussing on the development of desirable social behaviours and coping skills.

They plan, organize, and conduct activities in conjunction with the school and/or external resources, for individual or groups of students experiencing common difficulties or specific problems.

They develop, adapt or prepare materials based on the needs and abilities of students experiencing social maladjustments.

They advise management staff of student progress and contribute to end-of-process reports, formulating appropriate recommendations to support decision-making.

They provide advice and support to school resource personnel in matters pertaining to the integration of students into regular classes and propose appropriate interventions or activities for students.

They establish and maintain relationships and collaboration with partner organizations and may refer the student or parents to resources appropriate to the situation and needs.

They may be called upon to help defuse crisis or emergency situations and to propose solutions to the Eastern Shores School Board.


A bachelor’s degree in an appropriate specialty, notably psychoeducation Excellent English and French communication skills (written and spoken)

Interested candidates should forward their curriculum vitae, transcripts and diplomas, indicating in subject the posting number to

Eastern Shores School Board is committed to equal access to employment and encourages applications from women, Aboriginal peoples, visible minorities, ethnic minorities and persons with disabilities. ESSB will only contact the candidates selected for interviews.

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