Career Detail

Guidance Counsellor – Regular Full Time (100%) – Central Adult Education And Vocational Training Centres

Position Description

Guidance Counsellor – Regular Full Time 100%

Nature of the Work

The position of guidance counsellor encompasses, in particular, responsibility for providing assistance, advice and guidance as well as evaluating the psychological functioning, personal resources and environmental conditions of students in the youth and adult sectors. Participates in developing and maintaining active adaptation strategies in order to enable students to make personal and professional choices suited to their personal characteristics and to their environment, while on their educational path.

Some Characteristic Duties

The guidance counsellor participates in developing and implementing an academic and vocational guidance service, while respecting the academic and administrative requirements of both the educational institutions and the school board.

Evaluates students (individual or group meetings) with respect to their interests, aptitudes, abilities, personality, professional experiences and personal needs, using appropriate methods such as psychometric tests, direct observations and information provided by teachers and other school resources and, where applicable, parents.

Evaluates individually, as part of an individualized education plan, a student’s mental disorder, psychological functioning, personal resources and environmental conditions, including a student with a handicap or social maladjustment as well as a student suffering from a mental or neuropsychological disorder attested to by a diagnosis or an evaluation conducted by qualified personnel.

Through individual or group counselling sessions, helps a student to carry out a self-analysis and to build an overall image of themselves, explore and clarify the situation and determine personal and professional goals, grasp the information received, understand, assume and overcome their personal and social problems.

Provides support to students in their search for means aimed at enabling them to overcome the difficulties associated with their educational profile and their social and employment integration.

Provides information and advice to parents on the measures required to provide help and guidance to the student in defining and carrying out educational and career objectives.

Contributes to the screening and identification of students experiencing difficulties, using an approach focusing on prevention and intervention; works with a multidisciplinary team to draw up and review a student’s individualized education plan by including their action plan in the plan, if necessary; participates in defining intervention objectives and means; works with other team members to ensure concerted and coordinated interventions and assess the achievement of objectives.

Advises management staff, prepares expertise, evaluation, briefing and progress reports and formulates appropriate recommendations to support decision making.

Acts as resource person for the guidance-oriented approach, gives advice to school resources, provides them with documentation, suggests activities that enable them to identify variables contributing to the student’s personal, academic and professional progress.

Plans, organizes and delivers academic and vocational information activities dealing with program requirements, professions and market trends; coordinates and assumes the activities of the documentation centre related to their specialty, ensures the purchase and update of specialized reference materials (magazines, CD-ROM, software or others) and provides support to the students and staff using them.

Establishes and maintains relationships and collaboration with representatives of the labour market and of other organizations that could be involved in providing academic and vocational guidance to students.

Prepares and updates files according to the standards associated with the practice of the profession and the rules defined by the school board; prepares progress notes or reports as well as end-of-process and follow-up reports on their interventions.

Qualifications Required

Be a member of the Ordre des orthophonistes et audiologistes du Québec

Working Conditions

Salary: $24.87 to $43.06 per hour (based on experience and schooling);

Start Date: September 15, 2022


by 4:00 p.m. September 9, 2022

Only those candidates chosen for interviews will be contacted.

The Western Quebec School Board is committed to building an educational community with the common purpose to realize the potential of all our students by cultivating a strong corps of support, professional, teaching and administrative excellence. We therefore encourage applications from Indigenous people, as well as from other racialized people groups, persons living with a disability, people of religious faith, and gender minorities. As an organization, we strive to hire individuals who reflect the communities we serve, and who embody and practice a love of life-long learning, teamwork, and the highest professional ethics. Our efforts to achieve a diverse workforce that contributes to a culturally safe working environment include establishing proactive employment practices to address systemic barriers and removing obstacles to hiring and retaining qualified people. We acknowledge that the lands upon which we live, learn, and work are the traditional unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishinaabe peoples. We thank them for sharing these lands and commit, as an organization, as educators and as individuals, to an ongoing relationship that recognizes and respects the lands, traditions, and culture of the Anishinaabe people.


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