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Director Of Vocational Training

Position Description

The position of director of vocational training centre entails responsibility for the management, from both the pedagogical and administrative aspects of the centre, of the quality of educational services and of all the programs and resources of the centre in order to foster the academic success of all students and adults in accordance with the Education Act and the policies of the school board, as well as with the ETSB Commitment-to-success Plan.

The position entails responsibility for the management of instructional and educational matters, human, financial, material and information resources, services provided to businesses, relations with employment and potential employability development agencies, the development of new training organization methods and welcoming and referral services.


Instructional and educational matters

Oversee the development, implementation, and evaluation of the Educational Project.

Prepare the strategic development plan of the centre and oversee its formulation, application, and evaluation.

Participate and collaborate in the development and implementation of the strategic development plan for the ETSB Adult sector.

Participation and collaborate to the development and implementation of the strategic development plan to foster online learning and services for the Adult sector.

Participation and collaborate in the development and implementation of the strategic development plan for the ETSB to cultivate collaboration with the youth sector.

Participation and collaborate in developing a shared central structure in the Adult sector.

Evaluate the needs of the centre and define the specific objectives of the centre, taking into account legal provisions as well as the objectives, policies and by-laws of the school board, governing board or management committee.

Request, approve, refuse or, failing proposals, make decisions and inform the school board or the governing board particularly as regards special training projects, new instructional methods, standards, and procedures for the evaluation of student achievement, the selection of textbooks and instructional material required, the application of admission criteria and the rules governing the certification of studies.

Prepare, after consulting the staff concerned, proposals to be submitted to the school board or the governing board for approval on matters such as: the approach for the implementation of the basic school regulation, the enrichment or adaptation of the objectives and suggested content of the programs of studies, the time allocation for made to measure training, the implementation of programs of studies based on student needs, the student supervision policy relating to the use of non-teaching and non-scheduled time for instructional or educational purposes, the organization of extracurricular activities, the development of approaches to foster the academic success of students and adults and the operating rules of the centre.

Formulate strategies as regards evaluation and the certification of studies policy.

Propose procedures to the school board or the governing board for evaluating the centre and see to the ongoing improvement of the centre.


Manage, supervise and evaluate staff and trainees, determine their duties and responsibilities in accordance with the provisions of the applicable collective agreements or regulations of the Ministre and perform in particular the following duties:

recruit and select teaching personnel and recommend candidates to the board for hiring;

·oversee the monitoring of training for obtaining a teaching permit;

·oversee the management of the replacement of absent staff, vacant positions and substitution;

·oversee the recruitment, welcome, supervision and evaluation of volunteers;

apply the rules and standards governing occupational health and safety.

Identify needs, determine budgets and organize professional development and training activities in each sector and continuing education.

Prepare and submit the annual centre budget to the governing board for adoption and to the school board for approval, oversee the administration and render an account thereof to the governing board.

Develop a three-year investment plan to insure adequate training facilities.

Ensure that the centre receives grants, fees or revenues from businesses, organizations and ministries concerned.

Manage the material resources of the centre and inform as regards goods and services and any required equipment or repair of the premises or immovables and ensure the follow-up of the work.

Oversee the management of inventories in furniture, equipment and tools and purchase, when necessary, new apparatus, equipment, movables and immovables.

Encourage concerted action between the socioeconomic partners, the parents, the students, the adults, the centre staff and the community organizations, their participation in the life of the centre and their collaboration in fostering academic success.

Act as an intermediary between the centre, the school board, the governing board, external organizations, businesses, businesses services organization, employability partners, unions, other levels of instruction and the school board.

Coordinate information and oversee promotion of the centre.

Prepare service offers to external partners.

Develop, negotiate, and enter into agreements for services with businesses, school boards, organizations, ministries and associations.


Agree on and organize training activities such as industrial training periods and work-study programs which take into account the objectives of industry as well as the pertinent laws and regulations.

Plan, organize and coordinate admission rules, selection criteria, registration procedures and welcoming and referral services.


Participate in defining and determining the vision, organizational values, strategies, objectives and priorities and in defining the policies and by-laws of the school board.

Participate in implementing a plan for the promotion in the milieu of the vocational education programs offered by the school board.

Exercise the functions and powers delegated by immediate superior.

Take part in the preparation of the staffing plan and the budget distribution.

Assume any other responsibility compatible with the position that may be assigned by his or her immediate superior.


First Cycle University Degree in Education, Administration or equivalent

Permanent Teaching License (or equivalent teaching experience)

Eight years relevant experience

Excellent leadership abilities and interpersonal skills

Strong ability to deal holistically with students and staff

Fluently bilingual


In accordance with the provisions of the “Regulation Respecting the Conditions of Employment of Management Staff of School Boards”, Class 7, adopted by the Order of the Minister of Education.

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