Career Detail

Student Life Animator

Position Description

Full-time, replacement

Nature of the work

The position of student life animator encompasses, in particular, responsibility for carrying out

organization and facilitation activities and for providing guidance to students in the development,

delivery and evaluation of programs of activities related to an institution’s educational project and

success plan focussing on the integral development of the student and the creation of a

welcoming and dynamic environment.

Some characteristic duties

The student life animator evaluates the community’s needs in terms of activities by consulting

students, school resources and the partners concerned and identifies available resources in the

network; he or she determines the needs in human and material resources; he or she plans,

organizes and delivers or coordinates various sociocultural, sport and educational activities.

He or she facilitates the holding of large-group events and helps with the organization of theme

activities, and encourages students not only to become involved in the organization of the

activities, but to take part in the activities as well.

He or she participates in the recruitment of staff and volunteers associated with the delivery and

smooth operation of the activities; coordinates and supervises their work; takes part in the

planning and budgetary follow-up of the activities he or she organizes, evaluates the activities

and prepares a report.

He or she ensures that materials are available and in good condition and keeps an up-to-date

inventory. He or she participates in the negotiation of agreements with partners for the use of

space and services.

He or she collaborates with school resources and participates with teachers in the organization

and delivery of activities associated with the courses offered to students: sports competitions,

exchange trips, theatre and other activities.

He or she may be called upon to develop and maintain relations with partner groups or

organizations so as to ensure the complementarity of pedagogical and extracurricular activities

and, on occasion, represent the institution during certain activities.

Qualifications required

A bachelor’s degree in an appropriate specialty that consists mainly of courses in the following


physical education;




group facilitation

Salary and working conditions

salary according to the collective agreement, between $47,886 and $79,426 per year;

an isolation premium ($9,004 or $14,403);

reduced housing rate (furnished and hydro included);

reimbursement for moving expenses;

three annual outings for you and your dependants from your place of assignment to your point of departure.

Starting date


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