Éric Dumoulin

Hello to those who enjoy a challenge,

I’m pleased to be able to write about my impressions of the year I spent in Lourdes de Blanc-Sablon. Travelling from southern Québec to the village was an odyssey in itself. The trip is beautiful and is a golden opportunity to discover the Maritime provinces. The setting gradually takes on a maritime feel with the sea, the docks, the fog and lobster. You take a gigantic ferry and can then explore Newfoundland. Wow! If you like the outdoors, you’ll love this island, especially Gros Morne National Park. After enjoying Newfoundland, you decide to continue your journey and finally arrive in Blanc-Sablon. There you’ll find a quaint village that’s a great place to live and work. Moreover, if you like all kinds of fishing, you’ll be well served! I’m talking to salmo salar enthusiasts in particular! Teaching in an isolated village in the Lower North Shore is a stimulating challenge, but quite doable thanks to the orientation help provided by the members of the school staff. The Lower North Shore is nature in its purest form. You’ll have unforgettable experiences that will make your stay a one-of-a-kind adventure.

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