Kaci Boudjadja

Hello, if you’re a foreigner in Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon, you’ll be spotted right away, but everyone will take care of you and meet your needs. The first favour they’ll do for you is to offer you a ‘lift’ because public transportation is nonexistent. I arrived in August, and people were already talking about winter, the locals’ favourite season. That’s not what I had heard last year when I arrived in Montreal. I was a bit surprised at first, but I quickly understood when I saw the snowmobiles emerging like ants. As for the school, the entire staff welcomed me with open arms. I immediately saw that I was surrounded by a very dynamic team that was committed to its students. They go further than simply teaching the Ministry’s program—they also play the role of parents. I must also highlight the overwhelming participation of the students in the different sports activities.

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