Littoral 1

Working as a guidance counsellor at the Centre de services scolaire du Littoral is a very enriching experience, both professionally and personally. The only school service centre in Québec with special status, it extends from Kégaska to Blanc-Sablon, including Port-Menier (Île d’Anticosti) and serves both an English and French-speaking population. The territory, covering some 460 kilometres, includes ten anglophone and four francophone villages in an area not connected by the highway system. The number of inhabitants in these villages ranges from 100 to 1,000. Two Innu communities, La Romaine and St-Augustin, also form part of this territory.

This vast land of freedom has no vocational training centre (CFP), no college and few businesses. In winter, the best way to travel from one village to another is by plane, boat, or snowmobile. Working and living on the Lower North Shore requires resilience, a love of nature and outdoor activities (walking, snowshoeing, hunting, fishing, hockey, boating, snowmobiling, riding an ATV, and whale and iceberg watching) and the desire to become part of this community of friendly, helpful and generous people. Of course, the lifestyle is very different from that of the city. Here, when you travel, you never know exactly when you’re going to leave or when you’ll be back!

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