Sylvie Gauvreau

My three-year stay on the Lower North Shore as a teacher was rich from both a professional and personal perspective. As a science and math teacher, I was able to teach the entire secondary school curriculum for these two subjects in a very short period of time; an unexpected opportunity for a young teacher fresh out of university. The low student-teacher ratio allows us to devote more time to planning quality learning activities and a lot less time on correcting countless assignments. In addition, the small number of students gives us an opportunity to fine-tune our one-on-one teaching skills in order to meet our students’ needs. The Lower North Shore is a vacation destination that is becoming increasingly popular among outdoor enthusiasts, and for good reason—it’s a fantastic environment for those who love wide open spaces. Many outdoor activities can be enjoyed there, provided that you organize your outings yourself.

It’s a unique experience that I have recommended to friends, who, like me, enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the Lower North Shore.

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